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Important Dates

VAT Returns
Last working day of each month

PAYE returns
On the last working day, before the 7th of every month

Provisional tax returns
28 Feb & 31 Aug

Non-provisional taxpayers returns

Provisional taxpayers returns

Trust tax returns

Company and Close Corporation tax returns

Welcome to DRG Accountants

We are accountants offering various services to the small and medium business sector, especially in the Western, Northern, East- and Southern Cape.

Our devoted staff are equipped to meet our clients needs.

We are proud to say that no business or individual is too small or too big for us to accept

About our Background and Clients

DRG Accountants was established in 1986 and offices are based in Bellville and Durbanville with clients from the Western-, Eastern-, Southern and Northern Cape. 

With Mutual Corporation as associates, each branch has its own client base in order to ensure continuous services to our clients.

Our clients consist out of a wide range of medium- and small businesses, partnerships and sole proprietors which is located all over the country, but mainly in the Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern Cape.